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Patmos Island

Patmos has been included in UNESCO’s  Monuments of Word Heritage since 1999 thanks to “Chora” the Historical center, the Abbey of Saint Ioannis the Theologian, and the Cavern of Revelation. Patmos lays at the northern part of the Dodecanese prefecture. The landscape of the island offers both plains and hills and a spectacular coastline with crystal clear blue waters surrounded by tiny islands waiting to be discovered. The nature is a mixture of wildness and calmness, making the island very attractive, yet magical. The characteristic soothing vibe across the island has created over the years faithful fans with identical expectations and memories of the island. Patmos is by all aspects a unique place!

The name Patmos is believed to derive from Latmos, the mountain in Karia, Minor Asia. According to mythology, the first inhabitants of the island came from Karia following an invitation by the goddess Artemis. The fortification in the area of Kasteli dates back to the 6th and 4th century bc. Archeological findings reveal the existence of an acropolis, surrounding temples dedicated to the gods Apollo and Dionysus, as well as a hippodrome. Over the ancient ruins, Christodoulos the saint built the Abey of Saint Ioannis which overlooks the island to the day.



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